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8 Hairstyles for the Gym: Work It for Your Workout

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Getting exercise helps you look and feel your best, so why skimp on the primping before you go to the gym? Madison Reed presents eight easy hairstyles for everyone from long-haired ladies to sleek, short fashion plates. They’re all designed to keep your hair secure and looking great, from elliptical to yoga class, and super quick to style.

Long Hair

1. The Classic Ponytail
For long and medium length hair, the ponytail is a quick and easy option for nearly any workout, from running to free-weights. And, there’s something undeniably satisfying about feeling the bounce as you move. To make the look a little more fashion forward, spray your hair with a texturizing spray, run fingers through hair, and pull into a hair elastic. The result is a cooler, edgy look that is more relaxed than a tightly brushed back look. The ponytail can be worn high on the back of the head or low, depending on hair length and comfort. This style can be used for all types of workouts, from low to high-impact.

2. The Elegant Ponytail with a Headband
This look might seem more complicated than a classic ponytail, but it only takes two simple steps to achieve the look. Ideal for women with bangs or short, face-framing layers, this ponytail begins with a headband. Chose a band that is stretchy and fitted. Once the headband is secure, gather hair into a medium to low ponytail. Pull out one section of hair from the ponytail (it should be your longest length hair), and wrap around your hair elastic. Once wrapped all the way around, secure with a couple of bobby pins as needed. This style will ensure that hair will stay out of the face, and is best suited for low-impact workouts including barre classes and elliptical machine workouts.

3. Ponytail Braid
Another revision of the classic ponytail, this braided style is faster and less time-consuming than an elaborate French braid, while still looking more dressed up than a simple ponytail. Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Once secure, begin braiding the ponytail, until you reach the ends. Secure with another hair elastic. For added punch, use a colorful hair band at the end of the look to give an eye-catching pop of color.

4. Quick Braided Bangs
If headbands aren’t your thing, braiding bangs into your hairstyle is an elegant way to keep hair off of your face. Braided styles can range from simple to elaborate, and we think keeping it simple is always the best plan when getting ready for a workout. For this style, start with a deep side part. On the side with more hair, separate into two sections (about ½ inch of hair). Fold the back section over the front and pull tight. Grab two new pieces of hair and join with the hair already in your hands. Keep folding hair sections over each other, until braid reaches the ear. Secure with two bobby pins. From here, either pull existing hair into a low ponytail, bun, or low braid.

5. Top Knot
If there’s one place a high ponytail is not welcome in a workout, it’s a yoga class. No one wants hair falling in her face during down dog, or being uncomfortable under-head when she finally make it to savasana. For yoga and other studio classes, we recommend pulling long hair in a simple top knot. For a messy, carefree look, pull hair high up into a ponytail and twist. Secure with an elastic. For a more refined look, pull hair into a high ponytail with an elastic band. Separate the ponytail into two sections. Twist the first section around the other, and secure with a bobby pin. Twist the other hair section in the other direction, and secure with a bobby pin. For more high impact workouts, use more bobby pins to secure the look.

Short Hair

6. Headband
If you think short hair makes working out impossible, remember one of our best friends in the workout hairstyle business—the simple stretchy headband. From thin elastic bands to thicker styles, headbands are an easy way to secure hair and keep it from falling in your face during a run or mat class. If your short hairstyle is long enough, consider pulling the remaining hair into a small ponytail to keep hair off of your neck.

7. Short Pigtails
Aside from recalling the childhood joy of wearing pigtails, this look is a practical way to keep hair off of the face and neck. For shorter hair, pull the top of your hair into a half ponytail and secure with two bobby pins. Separate the remaining hair into two sections and secure with elastic bands. For short hair with a bit more length, consider parting hair down the middle—both the front and back—for a sleek pigtail look.

8. Short Ponytail
There’s something undeniably appealing about the look of a short ponytail. It adds instant edge to a short hairstyle, while also getting hair off of the neck and out of the face. This style can simply be pulled back, or incorporated with a headband or front braid. To keep the style looking edgy for a low-impact workout, follow this style by using a texturizing spray and pulling pieces out around the face. The result is an effortless, functional style.


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