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7 Pro Tips for Taking Great Selfies that Showcase Your Gorgeous Hair

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Image by Patrik Nygren via Creative Commons

The beauty of the selfie is anyone can do it. Not to mention, your model is always available. And even though the concept is pretty simple, a flattering selfie is not always the easiest to come by.

That's why we put together these top tips-swiped from professional stylists - to help you take beautiful self-portraits, with a focus on showing off your gorgeous hair (especially when it's freshly colored with Madison Reed). Here's how to up your selfie game.how to take a selfie

How to Take a Great Selfie Photo

  1. Find Natural Light

    Any photographer will tell you, lighting is key. The general guideline is fluorescent lights = bad/pasty/dingy; natural lighting = good/dewy/sparkly. We designed Madison Reed color to look lustrous in daylight; so search for a natural light source. It might be as simple as drawing open the curtains. Or, take it outside. We like waiting for the hour before sunset, what photographers call the magic hour when there's plenty of filtered light for details but no harsh, aging shadows.

  2. Show Some Skin

    For serious selfie-takers, you'll want to save your turtleneck for another day. A bare neckline, think tank top or wide-neck top, offers a great contrast to your hair. Also, your hair will pop when you style yourself in a different color top from that of your hair.

  3. Beware the Photo Bomb

    When turning the lens on yourself, you might not be aware of what else the camera could be capturing. Anything or anyone can be a photobomb, from strangers to toilets, especially when you're taking said selfie in the bathroom. Find a solid, clutter-free backdrop or alternatively a background with lots of texture such as trees, a bookshelf, or an exposed brick wall.

  4. Experiment with Angles

    Consider that the most flattering shot might not be straight on. Rotating your face 45 degrees will show off layers in your cut, and generally if you tilt your phone up slightly, it'll create a more chiseled chin, and minimize forehead. The takeaway: go bananas snapping, and do several takes. You can sort through and find your favorite one after.

  5. Tap Away

    It's basic stuff, but blurry or dark pictures, unless they're intentionally artful, won't do your hair justice. On an iPhone, tap your screen for auto-focus and auto-exposure.

  6. Work It

    Once you've found your good side, play with your hair a bit; flip it, move it to one side, tousle it, change up your part, so that you see texture, movement, and fullness. When you've found your perfect hair “pose,” you've discovered the strand equivalent of “smizing.” Frame that gorgeousness; and don't forget to send us a shot after you've colored your hair! We'll post our favorites on Facebook.

  7. Use Photo Apps

    We also recommend these handy apps to help you take a better photo and touch it up once the photo's taken.

    Snapseed: Lets you easily edit, enhance and transform images right on your phone. For Android or iOS.
    Afterlight: Provides excellent photo filters as well as some basic editing. For iOS and coming in later 2014 for Android.
    Photoshop Express Editor: An online tool from Adobe to help you make your snapshots look fabulous.

  8. By: Cheryl Locke

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