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5 Gym Tips to Keep Your Hair In Shape

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Check out the Best Workout Ponytail Hair Trick from The Beauty Department

1. Hydrate
Most of us know how important drinking plenty of water is for flushing toxins and helping you have great skin. It’s equally important for your hair! Staying hydrated improves circulation, which in turn promotes shinier, healthier hair.

2. Hair Mask Marinade
No time to use your favorite deep conditioning hair mask? Add it to your dry hair before you hit the gym, then pull your hair back in a bun and let it marinate during your workout. Rinse it out in the shower post-workout and enjoy super soft tresses.

3. After-Swim Conditioning
Apply a leave-in conditioner after you get out of the pool to hydrate and protect your hair. Just spray on post-swim to keep locks healthy and ward off chlorine damage.

4. Put Your Hair Up
It’s a no-brainer, but maybe you need a reminder: Keeping your hair off your sweaty skin will make it much easier to refresh your hair after your workout. Pull hair up or back, and use headbands or bobby pins to keep stray locks in check.

5. Powder Power
Let your hair out of the ponytail when you’re done working out. Don’t have time to shower? Add a hair freshening spray or powder to refresh the smell of your hair. Powders and dry shampoos also decrease moisture and oil, keeping hair looking and smelling great.


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