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Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner

Keep it Clean

Color Protecting Shampoo + Conditioner
Lock in luxurious, lasting color, and nourish hair from the inside out. This sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner gently yet effectively cleanses, hydrates, and preserves hair's natural proteins for incredible softness and shine while providing fade-resistant UV protection.

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tune shampoo shampoo shaker bottle

IntroducingTune Up ®color reviving

Banish brassy tones to reveal your best brunette

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Alternate Tune Up with Color Protecting Shampoo + Conditioner
for long-lasting shine and UV protection.

buh-byecolor smearbrassy tones

This nutrient-rich, multi-tonal marine blue shampoo instantly neutralizes unwanted brassy tones and protects color while gently cleansing & moisturizing. The unique color is a blend of both blue and green pigments that counteract the red and orange tones that show up in brassy brunette hair. Hair is left hydrated, strengthened, and brilliantly, beautifully brunette.

Why does hair need
a tune up?

Even the richest, deepest brunettes can go brassy with time. Formulated specifically for brunette hair, this shampoo contains cool, multi-tonal marine blue and green pigments to immediately target unwanted red and orange tones.

For best results: Use Tune Up Color Reviving Shampoo every third wash, in place of Color Protecting Shampoo to lock in color for long-lasting shine and nourishing UV protection.

Before Tune Up


Brassy Brown

After Tune Up


Beautiful Brunette