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Gray Hair: We've Got You Covered!

by Sherod Taylor {{"2013-11-05T11:34:18-08:00" | blogDate:'MMMM d, y'}}

Image by Madison Reed

There’s a time to proudly embrace your gray hair, and that time could be now (power to you, sister!) or later. If now is not the time, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

If you’re just starting to camouflage grays, stay in your own color family. Pick a slightly lighter color than your natural one and keep the tone muted with soft gold, copper or ash depending on your skin tone. It does seem counter-intuitive, but a lighter shade often looks more flattering or youthful. Plus, lighter is infinitely better than blanket coverage which can look flat and aging in its uniformity. This subtle change will make a world of difference.

Attitude is everything. You might not be able to return your hair to its exact shade of pre-gray. And that’s fine, really and truly. Gray hair will remain a little lighter after you process it. When hair loses pigment, it can change texture and be resistant to color. See our tips on making stubborn grays behave here. There is an upside to this. It can result in highlights and your hair may look more fabulous than ever. Don’t question it. Just flaunt your shiny, multi-dimensional strands!

It’s a fact of life, however, when you start graying, it won’t stop and this process doesn’t stop at the hairline. As hair gets lighter, skin gets lighter too. If you’re always reaching for the same color, after awhile, color starts looking less natural — even if that was your natural shade to begin with. In life as in hair color, it’s important to reassess what you’re doing from time to time. We suggest giving hair an honest evaluation every nine months; at which point, you may want to go lighter or possibly stay with the same shade.

Beyond color, don’t underestimate a good hair cut. Bangs and hard-to-see parts cover up gray roots, letting you extend coloring sessions.

With life, comes happiness, wisdom, lavish vacations — and also a new set of rituals that we at Madison Reed want to make fun and manageable for you. So you can spend less time stressing about grays and get back to the moments that really matter.


By: Cheryl Locke

Be sure to read our in-depth article on What Causes Gray Hair and Gray Hair Care.

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