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5 Salon Secret Hair Color Hacks Plus All the Instruction You’ll Ever Need

by March 06, 2019

hair color hacks

Image by Madison Reed

Raise your hand if you aren’t afraid to color your own hair. We know there are women like you out there...die-hard DIY hair dye-ers. You’re not nervous about coloring your own hair. On the contrary, you might even look at the coloring process as fun, as a little bit of spa-time for yourself. We get you, we see you. We are you.

Now raise your hand if you’re terrified of coloring your own hair. If you’d rather spend the time doing your own taxes than mixing color with activator and applying it to your head, don’t worry—we see you, too, and we got you covered with this post chock full of easy peasy hair color tutorials and insider hair color hacks that’ll have you feeling pro in no time at all.

  • Hair hack #1: Gloss like a boss

    Hands down, the easiest way to color your hair like a pro is to apply both permanent hair color and gloss. This is what professional colorists often do in salons—they touch up roots, and apply a gloss to mid-lengths and ends for gorgeous shine and a boost of color. Luckily, it’s not as hard as you might think. Even luckier, we made a video tutorial showing you just how easy it is to be a total color pro…

  • Hair hack #2: Baby steps a.k.a. sectioning

    You know how big problems can seem less daunting if you just approach them bit by bit? Well the same can be said for coloring your hair. Don’t just attack your head haphazardly with applicator bottle in hand. Take a deep breath and section. It’s easy, and makes the whole process easier. Simply part your hair in the middle, and then split each of those in two so you have four sections of hair. Work on one section at a time. This allows you to work more precisely and to fully saturate your hair. Like a pro. Seriously.

  • Hair hack #3: Just the roots

    Did you know you don’t have to color your entire head every time you color? In fact, you shouldn’t? Recoloring the whole head every time is a common mistake many women make. If you feel like your entire head of hair needs a color refresh, color your roots with permanent color, and the rest of your hair with gloss. We call this The Perfect Pair. (See hair hack #1.) 

  • Hair hack #4: Different times for different shades

    Not to complicate matters, but did you know that if you’re coloring your hair a shade lighter or to a shade with more red in it, the application instructions are a little different? It’s true, and most at-home hair color products don’t let you in on this secret. Nobody wants hot roots, so we send different instructions based on what shade you currently have, and what shade you are using. We even made a video specifically for people going lighter or redder:

  • Hair hack #5: Make it a double

    Nobody wants to run out of hair color halfway through application, so if your hair is past your shoulders, is especially thick (lucky you), or if you are coloring your hair with a shade for the first time, you will need to get two boxes. This is true of any at-home hair color, but we made it easy to add an extra tube of color without having to buy a whole extra box. Simply check the box titled “Long Hair?” at checkout, and we’ll add an extra tube to your order. If you’re just touching up your roots (see hair hack #3!), you do not need to do this as one box will be enough.

So there you have it. All the video tutorial hair color application instructions you’ll ever need, plus a few hair hacks to make you color with total confidence. And if you still feel even the teensiest bit nervous, our Color Crew is available by phone or chat to answer any questions, or just to be your cheering squad.