Is My Skin Tone Warm or Cool?

by Sherod Taylor November 14, 2013

What is my skin tone? Warm skin tone or cool skin tone? - Skin Tone Quiz

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What is my skin tone?

You could take quiz after quiz, and still be confused about your skin tone. Are you a summer or winter? Do you have green veins or blue? Do you look better in peach or pink? Why should I care? Help!

what is my skin tone - warm skin tone or cool skin tone- how to find my skin tone

If you've ever pondered these beauty questions – and been left baffled – we'll clue you in. Once you know your skin tone, whether you are warm or cool, it's a cinch to look effortlessly chic, from covering gray hair to determining your most flattering shade of hair color. Your face will lift and look more rested. Consider your eye trained.

Warm Skin Tone or Cool Skin Tone? 3 Easy (and Definitive) Ways to Figure It Out

The surprising good news: You already intuitively know whether you're warm or cool, says Madison Reed's color expert, Susan Roberts-Cooper.

The answer lies in your wardrobe. “What you reach for on a bad day is what your skin tone finds most flattering.”

1. What color of clothing do you usually wear?

If your go-to color when you're feeling blah is navy, black, white or gray, you're cool. If it's cream, beige or dark brown, chances are you're warm.

Another reliable indicator is jewelry.

2. Do you wear silver or gold jewelry?

If you wear silver jewlery, you're probably a cool tone. If it's gold, you're warm. If you can wear silver or gold jewelry, you're in the middle – or a lucky lady who can pull off any color.

3. Is there a strong contrast between your skin tone and hair?

Cool skin tone individuals also have a stronger contrast between skin tone and hair. If you have dark browns and fair skin, we bet you're cool.

If you're still confused about your skin tone, that's ok. Watch this very helpful video.

Now You Know Your Skin Tone – What Now?

You can pick that perfect red lipstick. If you have a warm skin tone, it would be a tomato, orange or coral. If you have a cool skin tone, scarlet or wine red lipstick is perfect for you. You'll also know what shade of white makes you look glow-y and healthy as opposed to washed out. Cool skin tones love bright white; warm skin tone gals look radiant in cream or ivory. And that's just the tip of the beauty iceberg.


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Your Most Flattering Hair Color

With hair color, you're not always wearing makeup and you can't immediately take it off at the end of every day. The conventional wisdom, then, is to respect what your hair does on its own. Susan says, “If you want to go blonde, the tones that suit a warm skin tone would be gold or copper—and anything that's strawberry, buttery, or honey. If you've got a cool skin tone and want to put those kinds of color on your hair, then veer towards mahogany hair colors. You'd want to do something muted, soft, and smokey. Platinum also works on cool skin tones.”

When to Have Fun with Color

Now that you know the rules, you can break them, too. “I always say to people, you are definitely a cool person, but you can still wear warm tones,” advises Susan. Don't feel confined to only wearing one color family.

“If you go against your skin tone, it throws that one thing into relief. For example, if you wear bright orange lipstick it would still look good, because you'd see your lips first. That's a fashion trick—what designers, makeup artists, and hairstylists do to make you stand out.”

“For hair, what we're talking about is soft, veering on the natural side, which is when you want to go toward your natural skin tone. Madison Reed colors are a mixture of cool and warm and the reason is because when you do that, the shades look more complex and sophisticated. It's all done for you—and you know it's going to be soft and pretty.”