Color-Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner

by Sherod Taylor March 06, 2014

Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner

Image by Madison Reed

Sulfate-Free & Fabulous: Our Nourishing, Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner are a Dream Come True

You may have heard shampoo is the enemy of hair color, resigning yourself to the fate of quick lathers and tepid water rinses. Now Madison Reed is changing that with our effective yet gentle sulfate-free (see also: color preserving) cleansing.

color enhancing shampoo

This duo is pure TLC for your strands. We asked Susan Roberts-Cooper, Professional Hair Colorist and Madison Reed lead product developer, to break down why our formulas work wonders.

The Power Ingredient:
“Protein strengthens the internal structure of hair and seals color in, leaving you with shinier, more supple strands. Often protein comes from animal sources, so it’s amazing to be able to include vegan alternatives: vegetable, oat and volume-enhancing rice proteins in our products.”

The Innovation:
“A plant protein derived from lupine flowers is the new star ingredient for color retention. Lupine protein keeps color brilliant by protecting hair from UVA/UVB rays. Madison Reed is the first to use this ingredient – its special properties of reinforcing the internal strength of hair and prolonging the life of hair color make this shampoo and conditioner one of the best formulas to use on color treated hair.”

Food for Your Hair:
“We’ve packed our formula with the world’s most nutritious ingredients. Quinoa improves hair strength and resilience by improving the internal structure of hair and coating it with a strong pliable coating that protects from external damage from heat, brushing and styling.

Argan oil quickly absorbs into hair and effectively moisturizes. Aloe is another natural moisturizer; it has a special affinity with hair and helps keep it soft and supple. Ginseng extract tones and energizes your scalp. Vitamin B5 strengthens hair.

Last but not least, keratin — the main constituent of hair — is crucial for keeping it strong. When hair is weak, keratin is lost, so providing it in our shampoo helps maintain hair in the best possible condition.”

Signature Scent:
“Madison Reed fragrance is natural, light and clean – neither overly feminine nor overtly masculine. It has fresh elements of sage, cucumber and orange blossom as well as a complex blend of six essential oils — camphor, cedar wood, petitgrain, neroli, rosemary and ylang that gives it a je ne sais quoi quality.”

Madison Reed Ethos:
“What was important was keeping products full of good things and free of bad, so we’re also gluten, paraben and sulfate-free. Our shampoo creates a conditioning lather and has a thick consistency with slight pearlescence, making it feel like an expensive treat. The conditioner is easy to work through hair and instantly detangles and smooths, rinsing clean away to leave hair soft and tangle-free.”