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Why Ammonia-Free Hair Color is Better for You

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Image by Madison Reed

Ammonia Free Hair Color - Ammonia Free Hair DyeAmmonia stinks. Most of us have had a whiff from a hair-color session. It can linger for days, even after multiple washes. More than just an indiscreet tell that you’ve been hitting the hair-dye bottle hard, ammonia is toxic.

Healthier for You

In our quest to create a safe, professional grade product, Madison Reed, from our inception, banned ammonia from our formula. A chemical that’s also found in household cleaners, fertilizers, explosives, and pesticides, ammonia has no business on our scalps.

Its fumes can irritate and in serious cases burn your eyes, throat, and nose when inhaled. It has also been attributed to watery eyes and itchy scalps. In higher concentrations, it can cause coughing and choking fits.

Healthier for Your Hair

Hair damage is another reason to make a case against ammonia. Its purpose in the chemical process is to strip color from hair and blast open outer cuticles to enable dye to penetrate. The result: dull, limp hair–the very opposite effect you’re trying to achieve.

Madison Reed hair color uses a gentle, scentless reaction that swells rather than pries open cuticles for color to get in. The bottom line: You shouldn’t have to risk allergic reactions in the name of beauty, and you most definitely should not reek of window cleaner every time you need to cover your gray.

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