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Your #SundaySelfie Snaps

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Image by Madison Reed

Ever heard of a #Helfie? Apparently it’s a hair selfie, and while we aren’t too sure if the term “helfie” is going to really catch on, we do love a good hair selfie. Every Sunday we post one of your picture-perfect #MadisonReedColor pics to our Instagram and Facebook because the camera loves you...and so do we.

Instagram @madisonreedllb #SelfieSunday We just HAD to share this freshly colored Carrara Crimson (7RC)
Carrara Crimson Red Hair Color

Instagram @madisonreedllb HOLY GORGEOUS! I don't feel 42 anymore -Kristie, after using Volterra Amethyst (4VR) for the very first time. We're loving these gorgeous results! #SelfieSunday
Volterra Amethyst Brown Hair Color

Instagram @madisonreedllb Melynda is all smiles on this #SelfieSunday because she loves her hair color! She mixed Tremiti (9NG) & Ravello (8NGC) blonde to get these gorgeous results. Click the link in our bio to take our color advisor or work with a colorist to find your perfect color
Tremiti Blonde Hair Color

Instagram @madisonreedllb #SelfieSunday Such a fun fabulous hair color system. No more forgetting to pick up a box at the store only be be disappointed with the way your hair feels and how the color turned out! This stuff has sweet feel good packaging, which made me smile -Rennee, Napoli Brown (5NGV).
Napoli Brown Hair Color

So what are you waiting for? If you found your perfect color, make it picture perfect. It’s as easy as tag, post, share the love with #MadisonReedColor.

Can’t wait to see your color...

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