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Your Friday Reed: Get Ready for the Weekend | May 29, 2015

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Happy Friday! Now that we’re entering the summer months, prepare for beachy, relaxed fun with floaty coverups, boho braids (even for short hair!), engaging entertainment, and a creative activity that takes full advantage of the lush greenery around you. 

Beachy Fashion
Go from a day in the sun to an evening out with beach cover-ups that double as floaty and fun dresses.

Beachy Braids
Pair your summer fashion with a bohemian chic braid. It’s easy to create a crown braid for short hair or weave a fishtail on longer hair.

Beachy Listening
Combine the fun of an engaging summer read with the ease of leaning back with your eyes closed. The Serial podcast became an international sensation with its coverage of a mysterious cold case. Catch up on the phenomenon and then get ready for two more seasons to come out soon.

Beachy Fun
Take advantage of the blooming flora around you with a family-friendly activity that turns flowers, leaves, plants, and grass into “fairy” paintbrushes. Set up large sheets of paper on the beach and capture the beauty of the day.

Beachy Keen
Summertime sun also brings out a natural glow. Learn how to accept a compliment gracefully, so you can enjoy this season to the fullest!

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