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Covering Roots? Root Touch Up vs. Eyeshadow

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Image by Madison Reed

Root Touch Up has been getting rave reviews from happy customers and beauty bloggers who love the way it covers roots quickly and completely. Now we’re out to convert the diehard DIY’ers using eyeshadow on their hair with a direct comparison by award-winning hair color expert Susan Roberts-Cooper.

Best Root Touch Up Reviews - Best Root Touch Up

The Look
Root Touch Up is a lightweight powder formulated with micro-milled pigments. That means denser, richer color to hide those pesky roots and grays. Eyeshadow is simply not as dense, making it much less effective at blending regrowth with your hair color.

Because it’s designed for hair, Root Touch Up features a matte, suede-like texture that helps hair look thicker. Eyeshadow is lighter and often shinier, which can draw unwanted attention to those roots.

Best Root Touch up.

The Application
DIY solutions should be budget-friendly, but Root Touch Up is considerably more economical. It takes just a few swipes of the wide brush to cover roots. Because eyeshadow deposits less pigment, more is needed to provide the same amount of coverage.

Root Touch Up is formulated to be long-lasting. In fact, it's water-resistant. Compare that to eyeshadow that needs primer to last the whole day on your lids.

It’s about saving time as well as money. Root Touch Up arrives in a compact with a wide, short-bristled brush crafted for easy application to generous sections of hair. In comparison, the petite makeup swabs and brushes that accompany eyeshadow dab a tiny bit on at a time.

The Benefits
Every Madison Reed product is made to give women healthier options, and Root Touch Up is no different. It is free of titanium dioxide, which is “considered a possible carcinogen and is known to trigger an inflammatory response” according to Dr. Jan Hansen.

Unlike makeup, Root Touch Up is water-resistant and sweat-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about roots revealing themselves in the rain or at the gym.

If you’re a fan of dry shampoo, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of Root Touch Up’s oil-absorbing powder. It freshens up second-day hair and adds subtle volume. Makeup can’t do that.

Best Root Touch Up Reviews

The Verdict
Eyeshadow belongs on eyes, not your hairline. Choose your color now and see the difference on yourself! Or read on about hot roots.

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