We're Having a MAJOR Blonde Moment: Smart Blondes

by October 25, 2017

blonde hair with superior gray coverage

Image by Madison Reed

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the biggest thing to happen to blondes since, well, Marilyn…

Smart Blondes

We’ve created the be all, end all blonde experience with Smart Blondes, an incredibly innovative hair analysis and expanded assortment of blonde shades to deliver your best blonde ever. 

The Brains Behind the Blondes
Blondes are actually quite complicated, so we created revolutionary color-matching technology that considers all the factors a colorist uses to identify your perfect blonde: percentage of gray, your current color, desired result, and levels of lift & tone. 

Are you a blonde that needs superior gray coverage?
A brilliant range of classic blonde shades, from light to dark, smoky to copper, perfect for anyone needing gray coverage.

blog hair color shades for hair with grays

Are you a blonde that doesn’t have a lot of gray to cover?
Gorgeous shades that give your natural hair color a dramatically lightened lift with either cool, neutral, or golden undertones, including NEW Sheer Blonde shades for brighter blonde results.

blog hair color shades for hair without grays

Looking for your perfect blonde? Look no further... we take blondes very seriously.