Tips to Help Your Hair Color Last Longer

by Tana Allen September 17, 2014

Tips to Help Your Hair Color Last Longer

Image by Madison Reed

After you color your hair, don't underestimate the value of using products that protect your investment. You want to prolong that fresh look as long as you can and we've put together a few tips to take your color the distance!

How to Prolong Your Hair Color

Shampoo That Keeps Your Color True

Although there are conflicting views on whether or not using a sulfate free shampoo really matters but, when it comes to color, it is most definitely important. Sulfates strip the natural oils from the hair and can destabilize natural proteins. This negatively effects the longevity and vibrancy of your color. Use a sulfate-free shampoo with natural ingredients, like Madison-Reed's Nourishing, Color-Enhancing Shampoo, to extend the life of your color.

Conserve Water, Wash Less

Water contains oxidized minerals and chlorine which can strip color from the hair. Don't wash your hair every day and instead, between shampoos, use a dry shampoo to extend your color even further. Dry shampoos have come a long way and they are great to use between traditional, wet shampoos to remove excess oil.

Armor Up With Your Products!

Select styling products with heat protection even if you are only blowdrying daily. A thermal shield will protect your color from heat fading.

Prolonged exposure to the sun will cause your color to fade as well so use products with UV protection. Madison-Reed's Nourishing, Color-Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner contains Lupine Flower extract, which provides UV protection. You should also wear a hat when you are on the beach or by the pool. The sun causes hair dye molecules to fade and turns blonde shades brassy.

Finally, you should know that when you color your hair, you are opening the cuticle to receive the colors so it’s important to close them back up again to avoid damage. To do this you can fill them with a protein spray. Think of it as filling in the openings with a nutrient rich adhesive that creates a strong, smooth surface over the entire hair shaft. Protein treatments come in many forms, from fortified hair sprays to masks to leave-in treatments. Take two, they will extend the life of your color and keep your hair soft and healthy.

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