This Pro Boost Is My Wedding Hair Hack

by August 21, 2019

Before and After of Pro Boost Usage

Image by Madison Reed

When I started planning my September 2019 wedding over a year ago, I quickly discovered there was a lot that I didn’t feel strongly about. Small and intimate ceremony vs. huge party weekend with everyone we know? Both have their merits! Traditional tiered wedding cake or Instagrammable ice cream truck? That’s a win either way in my book. Luckily, there were two people involved in the planning process who’ve never had trouble forming a strong opinion—my fiance and my mom. I left a lot of the nitty gritty decision making up to these “Type A” folks and focused on the two things I did care about:
1.Outdoor venue. Born and raised a nature-loving kid in beautiful Northern California, this was a total non-negotiable, and if my fiance had wanted to rent some cheesy ballroom I would have called the wedding off and gone camping with the #BrideTribe instead.

2.Wearing my hair down. I’ve seen some seriously stunning bridal updos in magazines, on Pinterest, and on my married lady pals, but I’ve always preferred how I look with my hair down (square face problems).

Knowing this, I started growing my hair out as soon as I got engaged—and with less than a month to go, I’m pleased to report that my hair is indeed super long and will indeed look great styled in loose waves under my long simple veil. hair also looked dry, dull, and in dire need of a trim (just booked one). As for the dryness and dullness? Lucky for me, I work at a hair color company. We recently launched Pro Boosts, which are single-use, highly concentrated, salon strength treatments you can apply at home. All are deep-conditioning and each target a specific benefit—adding back shine, moisture, or helping your color last longer. In between finalizing the seating chart, adding boutonnieres to the florist order, and figuring out which of the signature cocktails should be named after which of our dogs, I got a chance to try all three Pro Boosts. They only take five minutes apiece, and the results wedding hair goals.
Seal: Pro Boost Hair Treatment
First, I used SEAL.
What’s in it? Amino acids, antioxidants and pH3 to lock in color, vitamin b5 to protect against color-fading, prickly pear seed oil and macadamia oil to nourish hair.
The verdict: As a deep-conditioning treatment, I liked Seal just fine. But since I haven’t colored my hair recently, I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t notice my color looking any less faded. It also wasn’t nearly as conditioning as the other two formulas, although I did think my hair was slightly softer than usual once it dried. I’m planning on trying this one again after I get my highlights touched up.
Hydrate: Pro Boost Hair Treatment
Next up? HYDRATE.
What’s in it? Monoi oil to add major moisture, sugar cane extract to cut down on frizz.
The verdict: Spoiler alert—Hydrate was the clear winner of the bunch for me—which tracks, given that my hair was parched. It’s an incredibly nourishing formula, and I saw a change in condition as soon as I blow dried my hair. After using Hydrate, my hair was noticeably softer, silkier, and healthier-looking, but not weighed down (an issue I’ve encountered with other hair masks and deep conditioning treatments). I even noticed less breakage when I brushed my hair the next morning. *Adds Hydrate to registry*
Shine: Pro Boost Hair Treatment
Last but not least? SHINE.
What’s in it? Heavy-hitting ceramides, which smooth the hair cuticle and add radiance and luminosity.
The verdict: Shine was my second favorite, and I’m happy to report that it made my faded balayage highlights look noticeably glossier. It felt more conditioning than Seal, though slightly less so than Hydrate. My guess is that if you have healthier hair than I do, this will be your favorite of the bunch. But for my particular hair needs, Hydrate came out ahead. I’ll be replacing my usual conditioner once a week with Hydrate from now through September—a pre-wedding ritual I can actually stick to.
A note: I used 2 treatments each and would recommend doing the same if you have long, thick hair.