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The Solution to Gray Hair Woes

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Susan Keats, contributing blogger to The Succulent Wife, divulges her deepest coloring fears and her whole hair coloring story to her “dye-arie.”
  • “First, this product is beautifully packaged, and definitely makes me feel as if I’m about to do something special for myself.
  • Second, Madison-Reed comes with a blocking cream to keep the dye from coloring your skin. They do this in the salon and I appreciate having the stuff because I actually have stained my skin before.
  • Third, I wasn’t worried about running out of the product, there seemed to be plenty.
  • Fourth, it was thick enough to not be drippy, but thin enough to be very easy to spread through my roots.
  • Fifth, NO AMMONIA! It smelled good! Woo hoo! Also, I didn’t need the extra gloves they gave me, but I appreciated the gesture.”

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