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The Mother of All Mom's Day Contests

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We asked you to finish this sentence, and finish you did. With tears in our eyes (and a few loving laughs), we read your answers, and then picked up the phone to call our own moms to thank them for everything from beautiful eyes to strength, love and nice legs. Starting with the winning post, here are some of your answers to the Mother of all Mom’s Day Contests…

Thank you, mom, for my beautiful…”sense of self. To love & appreciate the body I was given. To know, that no matter what life brings my way, I am a strong, beautiful, humble, intelligent & passionate woman.”
–Vicki R.
Winner of two $100 gift cards

Here’s a photo of Vicki’s beautiful mom, Mary. 

Congratulations Vicki & Mary!

Now for a few of our other favorite entries.

Thank you, mom, for my beautiful...

“HAIR................most of my life I hated my curls, especially while hot irons were a craze, now that I'm turning 50 this year I thank my Mother for my beautiful Italian Hair!!!!”

“Thank-you mom for my beautiful.... sisters!!! You gave me the best 3 gifts ever!!!!! My best friends for all my life!!!!”

“Thank you, Mom, for my beautiful smile. One of the greatest compliments I receive is that I look like my mom!!”

“For my beautiful "life" because of you I am strong and never give up! I have raised my daughter with the same qualities! Thanks mom!”

“Strength. She's always been a strong lady & she passed that down to me. She's been through so much in life. And for the past four years, she's been battling kidney failure, (with dialysis), heart issues, & many other disorders. She still gets up everyday, goes on with her life, drives, & visits people, no matter how much pain she's in.”

"Thank you, Mom for my beautiful sense of humor. You were my best friend and at times, my best audience when I shared a joke. You could tell a few yourself and we would laugh so hard sometimes we were both crying or I was peeing in my pants! I miss you, Mom…”

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