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The first Root Touch Up Duo just for Blondes

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Image by Madison Reed

Madison Reed Root Touch Up Duo

One compact for every shade of blonde

Meet the first-ever Root Touch Up Duo for blondes. Madison Reed set out to create a universal blonde shade and quickly realized there was no such thing—every blonde shade is unique. We invested serious time and expertise into perfecting a duo of absolutely universal blonde shades. In the process we invented two perfectly complementary tones of blonde, for all blondes. This convenient duo compact allows you to conceal dark roots and grays, extend your highlights and matches every blonde shade, with no peroxide.


How you use it depends on your desired effect:

Cover dark roots | light blonde

Cascata (Light Blonde)

Use the wide side of the brush with the light blonde shade (Cascata) to cover dark roots along your part and hairline. This should help break up any harsh lines of demarcation and bump up your base color to extend your color until your next color session.

New Cascata root touch up shade for blondes from Madison Reed

Soften dark roots/grays | dark blonde

Pinoli only

Use the wide side of the brush with the dark blonde shade (Pinoli) to soften dark roots and grays along your part and hairline.

New Pinoli root touch up shade for blondes from Madison Reed

Pro tip*: If your root color is much darker than your color treated hair be sure to use ample amount of product for the best results. To easily pick up powder, apply the brush in a circular motion on the compact and give it a few swirls.

Extend highlights + soften dark roots/grays

Cascata (Light Blonde) + Pinoli (Dark Blonde)

Apply the light blonde shade (Cascata) with the narrow side of the brush to add highlights along the hairline, leaving sections of dark roots in between. This will help extend your highlights until you can make that trip to the salon.

Using the wide side of the brush with the dark blonde shade (Pinoli) to soften the dark roots in between the highlighted sections.

Highlights for Blondes with Cascata Root Touch Up

Blend colors together to match your color and create your perfect shade of all-over blonde. Not finding your perfect color? Blend the two shades to create your perfect shade. Experiment with different combinations and application techniques. Use the wide side of the brush in circular motion to pick up ample amount of product in one of the shades, add a dash of the other shade to customize your color to your liking.

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