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The Definitive Guide to Coloring Your Hair at Home

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Image by Madison Reed

Speaking in public. Getting audited. Sharks. We know that coloring your own hair can be right up there on the list of things that you’re most afraid of, but it shouldn’t be. While we can’t help you with your taxes, we CAN help you color hair at home. Spoiler alert: there’s nothing to fear...YOU GOT THIS.

How to Color Your Hair Like a Pro
Ever wanted to know all the super secret insider tips for how professional colorists make hair color look so flawless? Well our VP of Technical Design & Education, David Stanko, is here to let you in on all his salon secrets. How to section your hair? Check. How to apply color using a bowl and brush AND the applicator bottle? Done and done. How to get incredible healthy-looking shine using both permanent hair color and a gloss? Easy—watch the video below to learn how to color your own hair to absolute perfection.

So now that you’ve conquered your fear of coloring your own hair, you might have a new fear to face: how to accept a compliment. Because with hair color so gorgeously rich and delicious that you actually did yourself, you will undoubtedly be getting a lot of compliments. 

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