Straight from the Pros: Root Reboot Tips

by September 14, 2017

Before and After Root Reboot Application

Image by Madison Reed

Here’s a quickie for you–a video of our client, Kathy, using our Pro Colorists’ tips for applying Root Reboot.™ She uses Corsico 6W, a warm medium brown.

How to Apply Root Reboot Like a Pro

  • Pro Tip 1
    Shake all product to the bottom of the tube to avoid splattering.
  • Pro Tip 2
    While pointing tube away from your face, squeeze a small amount of product out to saturate the sponge before applying.
  • Pro Tip 3
    Use all of the product in the tube to fully saturate your hair.
  • Pro Tip 4
    Leave Root Reboot™ in your hair for 15 minutes if you have stubborn grays.


It doesn’t get any easier–or more flawless–than that.
Thanks Kathy!

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