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4 Tips for Rescuing Wind-Damaged Hair

The breeze rustling through the trees is a lovely thing. The wind rustling through your hair, however, is quite another.

Review: Madison Reed Brings a Shinier Day

Kelly-Ann decided to give our at-home hair color a try. Here is her unboxing of Madison Reed permanent hair color.

Inside Our Formula: Rice Protein, The Moisture Retainer

Brushing, drying, styling, and even just pulling your hair into a ponytail can damage your hair. Rice Protein is one of the key...

10 Tips to Tame Your Hair for Spring

Humidity, wind, fog, dryness, and heat can create changes in your hair that you might not be prepared for.

T-WE Tea's Guide to The Perfect Cup of Tea

When the forecast predicts arctic wind chills, we call a tea time. There’s no better way to warm up. It’s soothing, soulful, and...

Winter Hair Care for Straight Hair

Hair care varies according to your hair type, the condition of your hair, and outside factors like weather.

"Love this product and the packaging! My eyes don't burn and the color is beautiful! I have gotten so many compliments. I use Vesuvius red. I look forward to coloring my hair now."
-Yvonne G