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Is Red Right for You?

Fall is a great time to try some red hues. If you've ever fantasized about being a redhead, here are some basic tips.

Halloween Hair Tricks: Part 1

This year, top off your Halloween costume with fun yet easy hairstyles.

Giving Back To Our Communities

  From Amy's Personal Notebook: I have come to understand something about myself that is essential to who I am - I will not ever...

Is My Skin Tone Warm or Cool?

  You could take quiz after quiz, and still be confused about your skin tone.

Brilliant Women: Shaney Jo Darden Combines Art and Breast Cancer Awareness

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Keep A Breast Foundation. Shaney Jo Darden has turned an art show into a movement.

Field Guide: Salon-Term Glossary, Part Two

Use this salon glossary–a compilation of cuts, services, and styling terms–to let your stylist know..

"Love this product and the packaging! My eyes don't burn and the color is beautiful! I have gotten so many compliments. I use Vesuvius red. I look forward to coloring my hair now."
-Yvonne G