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Real Hair Stories: Maria Meets Her (Color) Match

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Image by Madison Reed


She is: Maria A, New York, NY

Her Hair Story: Permanent color was a new thing for Maria, and she was nervous. She reached out to the Color Crew, our team of expert colorists, with a brief history of her hair. The texture was naturally curly, and she blew it out every 2-3 days. Ok, so I was petrified to dye my hair as I have never ever dyed my hair. [Instead, I] used Italian color rinses at $60 every 6 weeks. So being a virgin to permanently dyeing my hair scared me.”

A Moment of Perspective: Maria had been using an expensive color rinse for 10 years. She was excited that Madison Reed offered her a new option that would cost much less, last much longer, and deliver gorgeous results conveniently in her own home. “I have to say… I LOVE LOVE LOVE your product. The color you picked for me is fabulous. My hair looks and feels awesome.”

Madison Reed’s Solution: We found Maria’s perfect color with an expert colorist consultation. She sent in a selfie and the Color Crew went to work: determining her skin tone (a cool olive complexion) and which colors would look best on her (darker shades with cool/ash tones). Torino Brown – 5NA was a perfect match. It gave Maria a beautiful deep, smoky brown that brought out the green in her eyes. The best part is the lasting gray coverage she will get by using a permanent color instead of a rinse every few weeks!I am so happy with your product, you now have a loyal fan and user for life.  Thanks once again for all of your help, it was and is so greatly appreciated.”



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