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Real Hair Stories: Jean Peterson

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She is: Jean P, San Francisco

Her Hair Story: Long, lustrous, dark hair that she prefers to keep looking as fresh and youthful as possible, which led to salon visits every three weeks.

A Moment of Perspective: A breast cancer survivor, mother, and classically trained musician, Jean wanted to look amazing while attending cultural events in the San Francisco metropolis. Given her profound awareness of how environmental factors can influence health she wanted a healthier hair color that didn’t sacrifice quality.

Madison Reed’s Solution: Jess, a Color Crew Professional, invited Jean to be a hair model at Madison Reed’s headquarters, where we perfectly matched her with Venezia Brown and showed her how to get professional salon results at home. Now Venezia Brown arrives at her door every 3 weeks, leaving Jean with gorgeous, deep brown hair and more time to take on the world.


The Love: “I used to spend a lot of money on my hair, and be a slave to my hair appointments. My husband is in the entertainment field and we have a lot of fancy events to go to. Now I only spend my time and money on my hair cuts. My hair coloring with Madison-Reed becomes no more time consuming than putting a face mask on—in fact I do them both at the same time—and my hair always looks so beautiful and healthy and I never have any gray hair peeking through that I have to cover up in between my salon visits. Your products have changed my life! The fact that they are so safe is such a bonus as well, since I have had breast and ovarian cancer I am always looking for the healthiest products I can find. So, thank you very very much!  (This photo doesn’t capture how shiny and healthy my hair looks, but hopefully you can see that I am a woman who really cares about her appearance, but one who wants to live and enjoy life and not be a slave to long beauty rituals—like getting hair colored in a salon. That takes hours out of a day!)”


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