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Real Hair Stories: How Janet Found Relief

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Image by Madison Reed

Madison Reed Before and After Photos

As someone who has severe allergies, Janet M. knows all too well the inconvenience of having to read the labels on just about everything she buys. Janet has a comorbid condition, which means she suffers from more than one disorder or disease simultaneously.

“The problem is, not only do I have these issues but so does my sister and so did my mom,” Janet noted during an email interview. “Unfortunately they didn’t catch this in time with my mother…”

Janet has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Migraine Syndrome and Chiari Brain Malformation. But it’s her aggressive skin allergies and food intolerances that cause the most pain and inconvenience.

Madison Reed Customer Testimonial

“I’ve had to stop using wheat based products all together on my scalp due to this,” she added. “When my hair touches my back and neck it feels like Brillo, and my scalp turns bright red in spots. I’ve even lost hair in certain patches.”

Changing her diet alone wasn’t enough to subdue her symptoms. “I was still breaking out and it was due to products on my skin or scalp.”

Our Colorist Samantha matched her with Bologna Blonde (8NVA), and we immediately sent a color kit her way in hopes of offering her some relief. After performing a patch test to ensure she didn’t have any allergic reactions or sensitivities to our hair color, Janet bravely gave our formula a try and her experience was “exceptional.”

“My scalp and skin always have problems with any little irritant. Not only did I not have problems, but it actually repaired what happened prior. I was currently experiencing issues from other products which claimed to be natural, however, I presume there was wheat or gluten in them, so my scalp was in miserable shape (I can’t eat it or put it on my skin) because my head was very irritated. This soothed it and moreover it left my hair fabulous, which is a lot to say. If a product doesn’t irritate me, for some reason it leaves my hair unruly and frizzy. Your shampoo and conditioner is perfect. Your color does not irritate, does not smell almost at all, and left my hair very soft!!

I honestly can say that of all products, good, bad, expensive, cheap, this has been by far the best, and if it works for my frizzy “thyroid” hair and sensitive scalp, it should work for everyone!! Congrats on this line! I am someone who will tell you right away if there was any problem, trust me, because I’ve been dealing with this issue all of my life and I am not a spring chicken anymore. I highly recommend this!!! Thanks so much for everything!! Keep up the good work! I would not give something a good review if I didn’t feel it was a great product and this is! Oh, and customer service is awesome!”

This morning, we received another wonderful update from Janet:

“By the way, my hair is not falling out and it’s also is much better shape… my hair and, more importantly, my scalp have made an amazing recovery! Due to being out of state at the moment, I do not have access to a good camera and these photos do not do the change or beautiful color justice.”

We are so thrilled to have Janet as part of our family and wish her continued health and happiness.

How important are the ingredients in the products you purchase? Share your experience or story with us in the comments below!



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