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The Power of the Right Hair Color: Beth’s Story

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Image by Madison Reed

Madison Reed Review Series

Many of Madison Reed’s models are real women who really use our products. Beth, our model for Amaretto Gloss, has regained confidence and spontaneity with hair color that’s easy to use at home and yields amazing results. Read on for her full story and a professional assessment from Susan Roberts-Cooper, award-winning hair color expert.


Hi Beth, tell us a little about yourself.
I’m an English teacher, and I love spending time outside in my garden. I used to be an art major, so I believe color is powerful.

That’s so true, especially on hair! What was your experience with hair color before Madison Reed?
When I was much younger, in my teens and early 20s, I used to color my hair for fun. It was experimentation: getting inspired by different people and trying different looks. Then I stopped coloring because I became focused on my life and establishing myself in my job. The most I did was squeeze a bit of lemon juice into my hair and sit in the sun.

What did you think of your hair color during this time?
I would describe my natural hair as dishwater blonde. It was the color of dirt, really and truly, unless I was out in the sun. The sunshine made it look nice. But I didn’t want to get into a $200 a month salon habit. it’s just intimidating if you don’t have the money to pay for one of the best.

How did you feel when you discovered us?
Susan approached me to try some products and become a hair model, and I thought it sounded like fun. What really hooked me was when I went to the Madison Reed site and found out how much healthier it was for me and my hair.

I could see how this hair color could really be within reach for someone like me, and I could see myself coloring my own hair easily at home. It was a way for me to reconnect with my more playful, spontaneous side.

Yay! How did you feel after using Madison Reed?
Oh, it totally transformed my hair. You know, it was a combination of the permanent color and shampoo and conditioner. My hair was getting dry and kind of dull because I spent a lot of time in the garden and out in the sun. When you’re younger, it’s not as big of a deal, but now I have to take better care.

After 3 or 4 washes with the shampoo and conditioner, I swear it looked like a new head of hair! I haven’t had this feeling of silky hair in a long time. It’s so much healthier, and the longer I’ve used it, the healthier it’s become. My hair was getting thin, and now it’s getting thicker and healthier.

Does that make a difference in the rest of your life?
It’s so funny, because sometimes I think about the process of getting my hair colored again, and it’s about paying more attention and taking more care of myself. It’s about putting more color into my life, basically.

It seems like something so little and so superficial just to put color on your hair, but it’s symbolic of something larger… telling yourself that you matter enough to do that. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, it’s a little bit of happiness. It’s the coolest feeling.

That’s so poetic… we can tell you’re an English teacher!
Remember, I used to be an art major, so color has a really profound impact on me. It affects the way I carry myself. You would think you’re more “you” with your natural hair, but I really feel like I can be myself much more with the color I choose for myself.

Do you think it’s this powerful for other people?
It’s really empowering. It’s like working out or being healthy, taking control of your day in a small way. I think about the difference it makes in my life, and I can only imagine how someone else who really needs a boost would feel… how powerful this kind of experience could be for a variety of women.

It’s more in reach when it’s an at-home color. It’s like the democratization of salon hair! Madison Reed is making it available to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it.

Thank you so much for the beautiful words and for sharing your story, Beth. Delivering such a powerful experience means that we’re on the right path to changing an entire industry!

Beth’s Hair Color Regimen
Susan Roberts-Cooper, our Director of Research & Development, designed Beth’s hair color regimen by taking her hair type, condition, and preferences into account:

Beth has fine shoulder-length hair, layered around the face, with no grays. Her hair lightens naturally in the sun. Most women with this hair type will encourage that, and highlight their hair as well, with the thought that highlights will make their hair look thicker. In fact, the opposite is true: fine hair looks finer when it is lighter. It’s better to add overall color to the hair to make it shinier and more substantial looking.

Golden red was a perfect choice for Beth’s hair, and it complements her warm skin tone wonderfully. To achieve this, I changed her blonde highlighted hair to permanent Radiant Color in Como Light Brown (7NGM), and used semi-permanent Color Reviving Gloss in Amaretto on the lengths and ends.

Long-Term Results
Beth was part of our hair model program for developing our Color Reviving Gloss formula. I watched and felt the condition of her hair and the longevity of her hair color improve during product testing. The shine of her hair has improved tremendously since using Madison Reed color, and the color fades much more slowly, staying true to tone for longer. In some cases, the color on the ends don’t need to be refreshed when the roots are ready for retouching. This is unheard of, especially for reds!

Beth also agreed to test Madison Reed shampoo and conditioner on one side of her head against another prominent healthy hair care brand on the other side. Two weeks later, she stopped the study because the Madison Reed side was noticeably brighter than the other side, which had faded considerably in comparison.

Takeaway Tips

  • For fine hair prone to dryness, using hair gloss on the ends (while maintaining roots with permanent color) is ideal, because it treats hair gently and color lasts longer.
  • Adding rich color to fine hair will make it look shinier and more substantial.
  • Using Madison Reed’s Nourishing Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner helps color last longer.

Now it’s your turn! Get great results from a customized hair regimen. Build your Hair Profile or call the Color Crew, our team of certified colorists and professional stylists. They love listening to your hair history and tailoring suggestions to suit your needs. At Madison Reed, we love to help people look and feel their very best!



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