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Real Hair Stories: Mother-Daughter Makeovers!

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Image by Madison Reed

Talk about setting the tone! Mother-daughter duo, Marcia and Alina S., got hair makeovers together with Madison Reed. While their hair needs were different, their goals were the same: to look and feel their very best!

On the left: Marcia S. got golden blonde coverage with Radiant Color in Capri Blonde (9NGV) and Tremti Blonde (9NG).
On the right: Alina S. gained coppery red tones and shine with Color Reviving Gloss in Barolo.

Marcia and Alina began their hair adventure with a consultation by Samantha Vielmader, certified colorist and one of our Color Crew experts. We call her Sam! Taking factors like current hair color, skin tone, and texture of hair into account, Sam chatted with the ladies to learn more about what they wanted so she could recommend the best options for each. (You can call, email, or chat the Color Crew for your own personal consultation!)

Professional Assessments by Samantha Vielmader:

Marcia came to us looking for full gray coverage and dimension! Looking to brighten things up and add in more of a golden tone to her hair we decided to use two shades with lovely warmth in them. The two colors are softly interwoven in small sections to create added depth for a more natural look. The Tremiti gives her the warm golden blonde, while the Capri offers a natural bright blonde result.

Wanting to give Alina’s hair a little spunk without the commitment, we decided to go with one of our new Color Reviving Glosses! It’s perfect for anyone looking to add tone, shine, and softness. We used our Barolo, which offers coppery red tones. Adding this gloss to her uncolored light brown hair gave her the perfect rich, warm results!

Marcia and Alina hug

We chatted with Marcia and Alina while they were smiling and petting their soft, shiny hair to ask how they felt about the Madison Reed experience.

Have you colored your hair before?

Alina: No, but I wanted to try something new! My mom only wants me to use temporary color so it won’t permanently change my hair.

Marcia: Yes, I used to go to salons. It just took a lot of time and was more expensive. Then I started searching for hair color with more natural, less harsh ingredients. When I started doing that, I was surprised by how easy it was to color my own hair!

What do you think about the results?

Marcia: It feels great! So soft. You know, I really love the mix of shades because it looks more natural. I worry about how it looks when you’ve colored your hair… if people can tell when they see you on the street.

Alina: It’s wonderful, I really like it. It feels softer, I was petting my hair after! My friends are gonna like it. I’m excited to show it off. My hair was light brown and really dirty blonde, so it’s a big change.

Marcia: I definitely said wow when I saw her red hair!


Do you think you could do this at home?

Alina: Yeah, it went pretty quickly. The gloss was a little cold on my head! But it was comfortable. I probably will do this again on my own.

Marcia: It seemed pretty simple like something I could do at home. A very painless process in more ways than one! It wasn’t irritating to my skin and didn’t seem to take long at all.

How did it feel to do this together?

Marcia: I really like it. It’s fun to do something different. Get a different shade of hair and be pampered.

Alina: It’s really nice to do something together.

Marcia: That’s right, I think so too!

Aww, we think you look great, ladies! Thanks for letting your hair down and sharing your story.

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