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How to Avoid the "Skunk Stripe"

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Image by Madison Reed

Madison Reed Customer: Elizabeth P. of El Cerrito, CA

Elizabeth's Hair Story: Elizabeth’s thick, black hair started going gray in her early twenties which didn’t suit her youthful energy and look. To combat the dreaded “skunk stripe” she tried drugstore brands with little success and ended up spending a lot of time and money in the salon.

"Ahh, the skunk stripe...for me, this is a bright white stripe,
which appears about two weeks after my hair is colored,
and I fight to keep it as small as possible..."

-Fashion blogger Pamela L. of Over50Feeling40

A Moment of Perspective: Elizabeth works at a big tech company in Silicon Valley and wanted to spend her days off de-stressing by having a good walk with her two dogs, sharing a meal with her partner or going to get cocktails with friends. For her, all the time spent at the salon was not a day of relaxation, but hours that she could be catching up on what was important to her.

Madison Reed’s Solution: When Elizabeth heard about Madison Reed from a friend she decided to get in contact with Madison Reed’s Color Crew and find her perfect shade. Madison Reed Radiant Cream Color in Positano Black arrived at her house and it was a welcome change. Her results were superior to her drug store experiments, and the next time she went in for a trim her stylist complimented her on the color. Elizabeth got to spend less money, less time in the salon chair and more time packing her bathing suit for a float down the Russian River.

Madison Reed model Pam shows off her freshly colored hair.

Elizabeth Says: "The packaging of the product was impeccable. The application bottle was fantastic, often they are hard to squeeze, but not this one. The instructions were great.

My whites are completely gone. I LOVE it!

I would highly recommend the product to anybody. I love the fact that I did not lose half a day. I was actually able to work while I waited for the product to do its thing!

I had done my hair with over the counter creams, and had even attempted to mix my own, but I could never cover my grays, it was frustrating.

This is the first time I have been able to do it myself.

I am also excited to get the product every four weeks to zap them before they come to be.”





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