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Quick Hair Care Tips for After the Gym

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Have just enough time to wash your hair after your workout, but maybe not enough to style it? Here are some powerhouse time-saving ideas to get your hair back in shape quickly after you shower.

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Hair Care for the Gym

  1. What's in your gym bag? Plan ahead of time for what you're going to need to get ready after the gym. Then use smaller bags or inner pockets to keep everything organized and quickly accessible. That way you don’t waste valuable hair-drying time searching for things when you need to be getting ready.
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  2. Bring your own micro fiber towel to dry hair quickly and smoothly. Getting all the excess water out of hair cuts down your drying time and reduces frizz.
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  3. Don't have time for a full blow dry? Save tons of time by washing just your bangs! Throw your hair in a clip and make sure to only wet, shampoo, and rinse your bangs. Blow dry them out and enjoy how fresh you look.

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  4. Create lots of volume and cut your air time by blow drying  your hair from underneath. If you start by drying the top layer of your hair you have to scoop wet hair from underneath, pulling it through the brush and re-wetting the top layers that were already dry.


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  5. Set your style. Have you ever wondered what the cool setting on your hair dryer is for? When you’re finished styling, set your dryer to cool and go over your hair one last time. The cool air sets hair in place.
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