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Our 100%, Totally Unbiased, Best Blonde Looks for Summer 2019

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Image by Madison Reed

Call it a holdover from the summer vacation days of childhood, but there’s something about the season that makes us want to expend as little effort as possible—even though (or more likely because) most of us don’t get a three-month-long break anymore. Luckily for us, the best blonde hair color trends of summer are all kinds of easy-breezy...from just-got-back-from-the-beach balayage to embrace-your-natural-outgrowth ombré. Here are our favorite blonde looks on our favorite blonde coworkers—none of whom, you should know, have a salon appointment on the books until after Labor Day weekend.


shadow roots + face-framing highlights

The look: Shadow roots + face-framing highlights
As seen on: Halee, VP of Creative

Your roots are coming back, whether you like it or not...so why not make your outgrowth the mane attraction with shadow roots, one of the hottest low-maintenance hair color trends around? If you don’t currently have outgrowth, a colorist can use a brush to blend a demi-permanent or permanent color that’s two or three levels darker than your mid-lengths and ends from your roots out, creating a gradient, not a line, for natural-looking faux roots that don’t appear stripey or piecey. We have a special place in our hearts for this look because you can go for as long as six months without a touch up. True story.

Halee relies on our Bond Building Cleansing Treatment to strengthen her highlighted ends and prevent breakage.


toasted coconut hair color

The look: Toasted coconut hair
As seen on: Sara, Senior Designer

This summer hair trend looks as delicious as it sounds. Like root shadowing, toasted coconut is a good candidate for anyone with dark blonde or brunette outgrowth (a.k.a. the lazy girl’s cool hair shortcut). With a soft transition into ashy blonde balayage, minus any lines of demarcation, this dimensional look is easily maintained at home with a toning glaze or brass-busting shampoo.

Sara waited until she had enough natural outgrowth before using our at-home Light Works® Balayage Highlighting Kit in Sorrento Cool Vanilla on her mid-lengths and ends. Pro tip: the Wishbone applicator creates natural-looking highlights that are perfect for any gradually faded look like this one.


antique gold blonde hair color

The look: Antique gold blonde
As seen on: Krista, Model Program Coordinator & Lead Colorist

Think of antique gold as beige blonde’s glamorous close relative that inevitably brings the drama. This subtly warm shade combines darker and lighter hues to create a soft, multi-dimensional look that won’t wash you out. So sun-kissed, so perfect for the season.

Krista applies Radiant Cream Color in Siena Brown to her tawny roots, then layers soft golden balayage highlights in Palmi Warm Honey on her mid-lengths and ends.


bright balayage hair color

The look: Bright balayage
As seen on: Laura, Senior Copywriter (that’s me!)

Can’t decide between foil highlights or painted-on balayage? Ask for both! Your colorist can apply color freehand on select strands between foils for added brightness. This way, you’ll get the best of both worlds—natural-looking balayage, plus the lighter results traditional foil highlights deliver.

I really love this combo to brighten up my naturally dark blonde hair...but my highlights do have a tendency to start looking brassy and overly warm before I’m ready to head back to the salon again. So I’ve been using our Color Reviving Gloss in Crema about once a month to cool down yellow tones and add some much-needed shine. Crema Gloss does a great job of holding me over until my next salon appointment (in early October).

Which blonde hairstyle are you most looking forward to trying this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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