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No-Muss No-Fuss Ways to Get Rid of Hat Hair

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Image by Madison Reed

Hat Hair

With polar vortexes and sub-zero temps upon us, it’s just too cold to care about the way your hair looks. Not so fast! Your survival instinct might not concern itself with vanity, but the truth is hat hair is one of the easiest things to avoid. Take a few preventative measures and when you and your sleek locks bump into a perfectionist friend or that cute barista you’re trying to impress, you’ll be glad you listened to us.

You might have heard of scotch-guarding knit hats or rubbing dryer sheets along your part. “People have their ideas,” says salon style phenom and Madison Reed expert Alex Chases, but the easiest–and most elegant–way to prevent static and dents is to gather hair in a low ponytail. For long hair, a braid or chignon provides a chic solution.

If you want to do away with this winter nuisance altogether and just so happen to be at a salon, consider a classic bob. “It will withstand hat hair, because it’s all one layer and has a blunt edge; so no matter what hat you have on, you still have that line to your cut.”

If it’s too late, and you find yourself with a pesky cowlick or flyaway, what now? “A girl should always have a little gel or travel-sized hairspray in her purse. Rub it together between your fingertips, and smooth over hair. You can also use hand lotion when you’re in a pickle.”

By: Cheryl Locke

Photo credits: Low Pony, Bob Beanie, Braid It



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