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Mother & Daughter: Veronica & Sylvia

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Image by Madison Reed

Nothing makes us happier than hearing stories from Madison Reed mother/daughter duos. Veronica is one of our favorite hair models as well as longtime customer. Her jet-setting career always has her on the go—interviewing celebrities, teaching yoga, and getting in front of the camera herself. One thing is for sure, during these busy times she always makes time for her family.

Does your family have a Mother’s Day Tradition?
Sylvia: Yes! All of the women in the family, including my mother and sisters-in-law, go out for brunch. Several generations sharing a meal together is something we look forward to. Sharing our stories and life lessons is a great way to honor and connect with each other. 

Veronica: It’s so much fun. I see my family often, but this day is so special to us. Sitting at the table with such a strong female presence is something to cherish.

What do you love most about your mother?
Veronica: Wow. I have so much to thank this woman for. She has been supportive and loving my entire life—and asked for nothing in return. She’s the reason I’m where I am today. Watching the sacrifices she made for our family was inspiring. One of my fondest memories was watching her learn how to make wedding cakes. Seeing her artistic side was new, exciting, and beautiful. And so were her cakes. Later, I learned why she started this new venture. I’ll let her tell that story.

Above everything else, my mother has always given me a reason to stay positive and live life to the fullest—even in the tough times. A few years ago, I had a breast cancer scare. My mom never lost faith. She would send me motivational emails and texts and she still does to this day. I'm happy to say I’m safe and cancer-free and lucky to have the unfailing support of such a strong woman. I can’t stress how important it is to get regular breast exams.

For color, Sylvia uses: Positano Black (3NNA) on her roots and Barolo Color Reviving Gloss on her lengths and ends. For styling, she uses both Style and Tame.

What do you love most about your daughter? 
Sylvia: Seeing her happy, successful, and enjoying life. Her accomplishments make me proud to be her mom. She did good. As the children were growing up my husband and I did not teach them much Spanish. With Veronica’s quinceañera coming up I thought it would be nice to surprise my husband with Veronica singing a song in Spanish at the ceremony. To help her prepare I enrolled her in local pageants as well as private singing lessons. I like to think that started her on this road to stardom! To help pay for her to have these experiences, I learned to make wedding cakes. Not only did I enjoy what I was doing, but seeing what I was doing for my family was well worth it. To this day my husband swears he “had something in his eye” during Veronica’s solo, but we all know he was over-the-moon proud of her. We all are.

Madison Reed Veronica and Mom
For color, Veronica uses: Tuscany Brown (6NGV) on her roots and Espresso Color Reviving Gloss on her ends. For styling, she uses both Style and Tame.
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