Major Raves On Your New Product Fave: Root Reboot

by May 04, 2017

Root Reboot Reviews

Image by Madison Reed

How much do you LOVE Root Reboot™, our new 2 week fix for gray roots? Let us count the ways. Read all about how amazing it is, in your own words...

“I had an appointment scheduled with my colorist a few days before I was attending a gala. I have two young kids, and my nanny got sick and had to cancel the day of my appointment. Luckily I happened to have a tube of Root Reboot and I was able to touch up my roots myself. It only took 10 minutes, was so easy with the sponge applicator, and looked great. When I went back to my colorist 2 weeks later she didn't notice I had done anything to my roots until I told her, so there was no need to worry about messing up my permanent color. I am in love with this stuff!”
–Catherine S.
Dozza 5W

I love everything about the new and noteworthy root reboot! A very impressive product, it's easy to apply, stunning color and shine and gives me a quick and fabulous fix.”
–Clare A.
Piatto 3C

“I really like the way this kit looks when it arrives. Thumbs up on a small, recyclable package that is still an all-in-one kit. I especially like that there is shampoo and conditioner included -- I can't think of another touch up kit that does that! Instructions were easy to follow...Let's face it, coloring your hair is messy. I really liked the sponge concept, because it was a much tidier application.”
–Alice F.
Piatto 3C

“I am so pleased with Madison Reed. It was my first time coloring my hair, and it was so easy.  My hair color looks terrific, and it's softer than ever.  It's quite amazing. I highly recommend Madison Reed.”
–Eva P.
Livorno 6C

“Wonderful experience first time around with an alternative root cover product. The sponge tip applicator, easy to follow instructions and quick setting time made the time between coloring a smooth transition. Compared to root cover powders that just don't have the right consistency or staying power, this is a no brainer. I will be purchasing this product on a continual basis. Thank you, MR, for coming through again!”
–Darla O.
Corsico 6W

“Madison Reed's root reboot was actually a fun process! The few directions are simple, and perfectly clear. The applicator worked beautifully with no drips or mess, enjoyable done by myself. The results are salon quality, silky and natural looking. As a frequent traveler, I am especially pleased to find a product that empowers me to touch up so easily.”
–Su L.
Corsico 6W

“...This Root Reboot is not only easy to apply, but also has great coverage and blends perfectly into my all over color! There is virtually no smell and the application couldn't be easier (love the sponge!). The tube was a bit difficult for me to get all of the product out (why 4 out of 5), I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone looking to give their roots a lasting touch up.”
–Alison H.
Corsico 6W

It really is as easy as mix, shake, appy. See for yourself how getting rid of your roots is easier than ever with Root Reboot™…