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Madison Mondays: Your Week Ahead

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Happy Monday! Get ready for your week with water cooler chatter, helpful hair tips, and wonderful ways to get more out of life with Madison Reed.


For basketball fans, the Final Four wraps up today and tomorrow for the men’s and women’s divisions in the NCAA. If you’re hosting a viewing, check out these fun recipes for individual 7-layer dip cups and more.

Meanwhile, baseball season is just getting started with MLB Opening Day in ballparks across the country. Check out some of the crazy concoctions they’re serving up at concession stands. We’ll refrain from sharing recipes for those dishes!

Whether you’re spending time outside at a ballpark or a having a picnic in the park, it’s time to refresh your sun protection plan. Follow these easy skincare tips to keep yourself and your family protected and repair sun damage if you’ve already been taken by surprise by the springtime sunshine.

Did you know that UV rays in sunlight can fade the color of your hair and cause damage, too? Get hair care with built-in protection like Madison Reed’s Nourishing Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner. It’ll set you up for those carefree beachy waves that are so in this season.

Let’s talk TV. Last night’s Mad Men mid-season premiere gave fans plenty to talk about with Don, Peggy, Joan, and Ken. If you missed it, read this in-depth recap for a dose of pop psychology via television.

If Game of Thrones is your show of choice, then next weekend brings the exciting premiere of season five. Refresh your memory with this oddly charming illustrated guide to all 456 deaths from the first four seasons.


With the weather getting nicer, people are spending more time outside riding their bikes and taking after-dinner strolls in the evening. We’re usually focused on coloring hair, but the new LifePaint by Volvo is something different. It’s invisible in daylight, but adds a protective reflective spray to increase the visibility of cyclists and pedestrians. Watch the video to see how it works, and learn where to buy it. Your safety is always our number one concern.

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