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Madison Mondays: Your Week Ahead

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Wake up, it’s Monday! This Wednesday, April 1st, is also known as April Fool’s Day, so remember to duck! But rather than make you feel foolish, Madison Reed is here to help you stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. Read on and have a great week.


Is your Monday feeling very tense? Check out this infographic for signs that you’re stressed without even knowing it, and get great tips for how to overcome it.

It’s tricky balancing spending and saving, while feeling like you’re getting the most out of life. We like this simple 3-step plan to getting smarter with money because it gives common sense advice without overcomplicating. Build slowly and turn it into a good habit.

While we’re at it, why aren’t more women featured on money? Read how the Women on 20s movement is working to change the ratio on American currency.


Everybody is talking about Going Clear, the HBO documentary about Scientology. If you didn’t watch it yet, here are riveting recaps from Vulture and the Huffington Post. It’s pretty chilling.

Let’s end on a high note by recognizing accomplished women of science as Women’s History Month draws to a close for the year. They’re an inspiring reminder to push past boundaries if they’re getting in the way of your accomplishments!

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