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Happy Monday! In celebration of St. Paddy’s Day tomorrow, we’re serving up tips and recipes to help you go green with style. Get more out of life with Madison Reed.


Look Great in Green
Going green doesn’t mean saying goodbye to other colors in your wardrobe. Just as you have a choice in fashion, you can choose how to be eco-friendly in your shopping. Search for brands by criteria that’s meaningful to you—like vegan, ethically produced, or vintage—with this useful guide by Eco Fashion World.

Say No to Green Hair
While green hair is a fashion-forward trend, it can also be caused by environmental factors on color-treated hair. Prevent it by coating your hair in conditioner before swimming in pools. Learn more about the science behind why this happens.

Minty Fresh Strands
Do you have oily hair? Add more shine without the grease with mint tea. Just brew and let cool before washing your hair. Use the mint tea as a final rinse after your conditioner to add fresh, clean shine.

Green Eats
Celebrating St. Paddy’s doesn’t have to involve green beer. Greatist delivers the festive color in 29 healthy recipes organized by meal, including a delectable-sounding Leprechaun Cake makes with avocado, kiwi, and lime. Now where’s that pot of gold?


Easy Ways to Go Green
It’s never a question of whether we care about saving the environment, but more about how to make changes that fit into our busy lives. The beautifully simple 50 Ways to Save the Planet gives quick, easy tips to help us make a difference in our everyday lives.

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