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Madison Mondays: Your Week Ahead

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Happy Monday! Get ready for your week with water cooler chatter, helpful hair tips, and wonderful ways to get more out of life with Madison Reed.


Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock on Star Trek, passed away on Friday at the age of 83. The New York Times provides a stirring obituary, complete with video and photo slideshow to celebrate his memory.

One of my favorite stories about Leonard Nimoy comes from My Star Trek Scrapbook. In 1968, a girl of mixed race wrote to Spock and asked how he dealt with feeling like an outcast. He responded with a thoughtful, caring piece focused on building inner strength, courage, and confidence. Truly timeless advice from an inspiring individual.

While we’re discussing inner strength, check out fashion label Céline’s refreshing new campaign with literary star Joan Didion instead of a traditional runway model. It is a high profile example of the growing trend to celebrate intellectual achievements, not just physical beauty.

We’re on an empowerment kick now, so here are three DIY tips to make your hair, makeup, and nails look their best!

Natasha Siebert of the Color Crew—creator of many of our hairstyle tutorials—has a surprising tip for prepping hair before big events. “Don’t wash your hair the day you want to style it in an up-do. The natural oils and styling products in your hair from the day before will help you get more volume and shine, making it that much better to work with!”

Ever deal with dry lips under your lipstick? The trick to maintaining a soft, smooth look is to exfoliate, smooth, and hydrate. Read this simple guide from Birchbox for more details and recommendations.

Complete your look with this easy-to-follow tutorial for giving yourself a salon manicure. Each step is explained with an animated gif, so you can follow along at your own speed.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then emoji texts are the modern day equivalent of epic poems. Adding to this visual vocabulary, Apple is unveiling racially diverse emoji later this year. If you haven’t used them yet, now’s the time to learn. Here’s a quick guide for how to enable emoji on your Apple device.

Apple is also infiltrating the fashion world with a 12-page introduction to the Apple watch in the March issue of Vogue. Seeing how they’ve altered the way we communicate, navigate, and absorb information, we’re excited to see how their newest product will change our lives when it launches in a few months.

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