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Madison Mondays: Your Week Ahead

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Happy Monday! Make the most of your week by building strong connections with your life and your loved ones. Madison Reed shows you how.


Connect with Your Inner Hero
There’s a lot of talk about nurturing mindfulness these days and for good reason. The more connected you feel to the things you do, even those “mindless” everyday tasks, the more satisfied you’ll feel about your life.

The video above is funny, and also a genuine celebration of the random joys to discover in your daily routine. Practice mindful meditation with these 3 simple steps: go with the flow, pay attention to your senses, and stay with it. Be kind and patient to yourself. It’ll make a world of difference!

Connect with Your Creative Side
Make a plan for a good sleep schedule all week long to set yourself up for creative success. Studies show that getting enough sleep can make you more creative.

Everybody’s different. If you’re not sure how much sleep you, follow this guide to determine how many hours are right for you and build healthier habits that will pay off in a big way.

Connect with Your Teens
As kids enter adolescence, it can be challenging to stay connected while letting them grow and become independent. These ten wise tips will help you support and stay close to your teens during this time.


Connect with Your Confidence
This Thursday, April 30, is Hairstyle Appreciation Day. It’s all about celebrating the full spectrum of beauty through the variety of hair types and styles out there. Whether it’s amazing ’80s volume from your prom, au naturel on an epic good hair day, or something else that’s uniquely you, you have a great reason to share that fabulous photo with the world!

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Connect with Your Technology
We can’t really talk about staying connected without mentioning technology. Learn 10 new things you can do with your iPhone. Our fave is the last one: how to set up automatic reminders when you walk into a grocery store for the things you tend to forget. That’s useful, and frees you up to think about more important things… like which flattering hairstyle pic to post for Thursday!

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