How to Lighten Your Hair with Radiant Color

by Madison Reed May 21, 2015

How to Lighten Your Hair with Radiant Color

Image by Madison Reed

You can color your hair like a pro at home! Madison Reed's team of expert colorists have created a series of easy-to-follow tutorials to help you color with confidence and get the best results. Learn how to lighten hair gently with the set of specialized instructions below.

One helpful hint before you get started. You should wear a zip-up shirt or smock. That way, when you rinse, you can easily take it off without getting color on it.

How to Lighten Your Hair

  1. The first step is to divide your hair into four sections and clip it up.
  2. Then apply the barrier cream to your forehead, ears, and neck. This keeps the color off your skin. Just be careful to keep the cream off your hair.
  3. Now wash the cream off your hands; then put on the gloves.
  4. Fully puncture the Color Tube using the outside end of the cap. Squeeze half the color into a non-metallic bowl. Open the Activator Bottle and squeeze half the contents into the bowl. Close the Color Tube and Activator Bottle. Set them aside for later. Use an applicator brush to blend the contents of the bowl into a thick cream-like conditioner.
  5. Unclip one section of hair. Apply the color starting about 2 inches away from your scalp. Continue to take the color down the length of your hair to the ends.
  6. Always massage color away from your scalp and towards the ends to keep hair shiny and strong.
  7. Use all of the blended color in the bowl on your lengths and ends.
  8. While you wait to color the rest of your hair, take off your gloves and relax. Set timer for 20 minutes.
  9. Open the Activator Bottle again. Squeeze the rest of your Color Tube into the bottle and replace the cap. Shake the bottle until the color is thick and creamy, like conditioner, about 20 seconds. Unscrew the tip of the bottle cap. Slip on your second pair of gloves.
  10. Apply the remaining color to your roots. Massage the color into your roots and make sure they are completely saturated with color. You should end up using the entire second half of the color on your roots and color-resistant areas.
  11. When you’re done, put on the cap and take off your gloves. Then use the cleansing wipe to clean up any color that dripped onto your skin.
  12. Set timer for 15 minutes for normal processing or 25 minutes for color-resistant hair or stubborn grays.
  13. Now it’s time to rinse your hair until the water runs clear. The easiest way is to get in the shower, wet your head, and massage it well.
  14. Wash your hair and lock in color with Madison Reed Shampoo and Conditioner.

Radiant Color is free from harsh chemicals like ammonia, PPD, and resorcinol. Our gentler formula can lighten up to 1 level on natural hair. If you have color-treated hair, you may not get visibly lighter hair. Contact the experts on our Color Crew for tailored recommendations to get the look you want.