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Last Minute Holiday Looks and Style Savers

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Image by Madison Reed

From growing out your hair gracefully to instantly covering roots, Madison Reed has gathered tips, tricks, and tutorials to solve all your holiday hair needs. Read on to make the most of your crowning glory!

Holiday Looks and Hairstyles

Shine like a star

Hair gloss is this year’s biggest beauty secret for getting super shiny, soft healthy hair. You can debut a new color with no risk (it washes out in a few weeks) or just use clear to get the shine and deep conditioning. Read our easy guide for how to choose your perfect color and get the best results for your hair!

Hair Tutorials for short hair

Holiday Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hair Tutorials for shoulder-length or long hair

Festive get-togethers range from classy to casual this time of year. Show off effortless style with a Sleek Ponytail that’s more dressed-up than the norm or a Double Ponytail to add the illusion of length to your pulled-back hair. If you’re out to dazzle, this holiday tutorial combines sparkling accessories with hair for eye-catching results.

Holiday Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hair Tutorials for long hair

Hair should complement your natural style, and the holidays are no exception. For ladies with long locks, we’ve created the sophisticated Side Chignon, retro chic Half-up Bouffant, the on-trend Bohemian Fishtail Braid, and incredibly regal Loop de Loop updo.

Help for growing out hair

Don’t think of growing your hair out as being stuck in hairstyle limbo. It’s a great time to try out new looks and build healthy hair habits that give you long, lush locks for the long-term. Check out our tips for growing hair out gracefully to learn how!

Root Touch Up - Sienna

Instant coverage on roots & grays

Put an end to running out the door with stray roots and grays! Root Touch Up is waterproof, pillow-proof makeup for your hair. Brush it on dry hair and slip the compact into your purse for emergency touch ups. The oil-absorbing powder even doubles as dry shampoo with a light, clean fragrance in case you’re running to a last minute event with no time to wash your hair. There’s still time to get it for New Year’s Eve, so you can make sure your look is picture perfect!


Have fun and enjoy playing with your hair. Here’s to looking brilliant for the holidays!

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