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Kate Schultz is a Brunette With Verona Brown

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Image by Madison Reed

When Kate Schultz of fromkateschultz.com was ready to leave her blonde ombre behind, she was nervous about coloring the damaged highlights at her ends. She'd never done all-over color at home before, but she felt confident about her DIY skills. Enter Madison Reed and Radiant Color.

I'm obsessed, I would literally recommend this brand to anyone who wants a change, but is a bit trigger shy on the whole at home hair coloring process.

In her own words, "I'm obsessed, I would literally recommend this brand to anyone who wants a change, but is a bit trigger shy on the whole at-home hair coloring process. It was easy and it saved my from this mess of blonde ombre."

"I got to have a nice chat with someone on their team about any last-minute details I wanted to go over. I mentioned to them that I had blonde highlights at my ends and I really didn't want them to 1) not get colored, since that was the whole point of this dye job and 2) I didn't want them to turn a creepy off-brown color or black like I'd seen some people end up with. They were lovely and reassured me that it was all in the bottle and all I had to do was apply."

"Part of the reason that I had chosen Madison Reed was because they make all their dyes without ammonia and parabens, and they still get the job done while being good for your hair. Check, check, check. The smell was a bit like a spa, sort of herbal and fresh, and the results speak for themselves. It was healthier and had great shine and dimension. I went with Verona Brown which is a touch darker than my natural brunette, and more reddish rather than golden but it was EXACTLY what I was wanting for the fall!"

"I'm back to being a full fledged brunette! VIVA THE BEAUTY DIY!"

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