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Amp Up Your Hair Color at Home

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Image by Madison Reed

Wondering what life is like as a redhead or brunette? If you’re already covering grays, why not add some personality to your color?

Both amping up your color and going darker are completely doable at home. The secret is to stay within two levels and keep the same tone. Leave drastic changes to the pros. If you’re not sure about your current level and tone, talk to our Color Crew or log onto our color finder. Here are a few ideas we’re 110% behind:

Hair transitions

  • blonde to darker blonde
  • pale blonde to golden blonde
  • golden blonde to copper or light brown
  • copper to brunette or dark brown
  • copper red to red red
  • golden brown to ash brown
  • red to dark brown or black
  • plum or violet to black

Going lighter and changing tones are for the ambitious. Color has to be removed; usually this involves bleaching, and should be done at the salon. Brunettes, we don’t advise you trying to go blond at home. Unless you want green hair, we don’t recommend trying to go very light to dark, i.e. pale blonde to brunette.

We suggest erring on the side of caution and testing a small section of hair that isn’t visible. Apply color at the root and saturate the strand with color; you can even wrap it in foil to isolate it if you like. Leave in for 35 minutes, then rinse well, shampoo, and dry. If you like the results, go for it, and color your entire head. Change is fabulous!

For the most brilliant results, keep hair in the best condition you can. Deep condition, use protein-rich shampoos and conditioner like Madison Reed Nourishing, Color-Enhancing Hair Care System, and get a trim to ensure the best results for your color transition.

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