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Hostage To My Hair No More

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Hello from the team at Madison Reed,

We’re very excited to be sharing our very first blog post. It’s a little daunting, we aspire to develop this into a rich place for meaningful discussion with you about who we are, why we are inspired to bring Madison Reed to you, and what we are learning about the very best in hair care and professional hair color along with the latest technology and what we are doing with that knowledge, to bring the finest quality at home hair care and at home hair coloring experience to you. We also are looking forward to delivering useful and inspirational styling tips to help you have your best hair ever and always.

More details on this in our next post, but many of us here at Madison Reed have struggled with what we affectionately refer to as being “hostage to our hair.” We of course love our hair, and ourselves, but the upkeep of styling and coloring our hair has, at least for us, and many many close to us, just become unmanageable, taking much too much time and consuming much more of our budget than we’d like. The proverbial straw breaks, as out of nowhere, our gray hair seems to multiply like rabbits, our work becomes so demanding, or our kids’ busy schedules, plus our own, leaves scant little “me time” to take care of even the basics. Keeping costly, and hard to get, hair coloring appointments (let alone more of them!), becomes unbearable. There had to be a better way. Hence, enough was enough, hostage to our hair no more! And Madison Reed was born.

So, just a little preview in this first post of things to come from Madison Reed. Not even a first date, really, just that first glimpse of someone new. We will start things out a little slowly. Plan to see us much more often and with much more detail in the coming weeks and months. We hope you will come along with us, read, watch, listen, and most of all, let us know what you think. After all, to our core, we are not really doing this for us, we are doing it for you.



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