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Brighter Hair Color at Home

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Image by Madison Reed

We know you have unique hair color needs. That's why our Color Crew colorists offer personalized consultations! 

Karen R. got the gorgeous shade she wanted at home with a little help from a live colorist. Keep reading for her story.

What was your experience with hair color before Madison Reed?
My hair seemed dull, not bright and healthy looking.

What helped you decide to try Madison Reed?
The fact that you guaranteed it! When I needed help figuring out how to brighten my hair, your stylist helped me right away. A week later, it's great. Thank you!

Did you feel taken care of?
Very much so. I never actually thought I would get feedback, let alone a phone call. Thank you.

How was your experience using our color?
It was good, but you helped me figure out I actually needed a different kind of color product to help it lighten up to the shade I desired.

Does your hair look or feel different?
It is very soft and healthy feeling.

Thanks for sharing your hair color story, Karen!

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