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Holiday Hair Accessories: DIY Peacock Feather Headband

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One of the true joys of the holiday season is spending time with loved ones, and you don’t always need a party to do that. Madison Reed presents a DIY Holiday Hair Accessories series to help you set aside some fun, creative family time!

Today’s piece is a peacock feather headband, modeled by Meredith, our intrepid office manager.

Hot glue gun
Spool of black elastic ribbon (flat elastic is easier to work with)
Decorative button

DIY Steps:
1. Measure ribbon around your head before cutting.

2. You’ll want to overlap the ends by ½” to glue closure

3. Cut ribbon to size and glue ends overlapping by ½”

4. Let glue cool and dry for at least 5 mins

5. Glue feather onto headband where the ends overlap (this will hide where the ends meet). 

6. Place the feather along / in the same direction as the headband so it hugs your head.

7. Glue gem to base of feather

8. Let it dry overnight before using

Sam’s Simple Style Tips:
This accessory will add drama to all hair types and styles.

1. Smooth on STYLE to get frizz-fighting lightweight control
2. If you wear your hair down, use a curling iron on ends to get merry movement and volume
3. Slip on the headband and adjust position so that feather frames your face
4. Smooth on TAME to control flyaways

You can use bobby pins to secure the elastic headband if you plan to party hardy.
Our model uses Radiant Cream Color in Verona Brown for gorgeous, long-lasting color that makes her hair healthier and shinier.

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