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The Best 2016 Healthier Beauty Trends

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What’s the best thing about starting this new year? The top beauty trends of 2016 show a strong focus on keeping you healthier. That means it’s easier than ever for you to look effortlessly beautiful without compromising how you feel.

Say hello to gorgeous hair, lit-from-within skin, vibrantly bold lips, and multi-tasking products that make your beauty routine a breeze. Let’s welcome a healthier and happier you and keep it going strong all year long.

The Mane Event

Unstudied Style:
Delicately placed colors and less “finished” looks are all the rage for 2016 hairstyles. Picture looks that aren’t styled to perfection, like second-day hair that has an air of nonchalance and truly embraces the “I woke up like this” attitude. It’s effortless beauty with a contagious joie de vivre that radiates carefree playfulness. 

Classic Color:
For those who really want to keep it simple, classic natural-looking hair color is hot, hot, hot. No highlights, no ombré, no fuss. Madison Reed is a natural fit for this trend with a full array of shades to choose from and formulated with better-for-you ingredients that give you rich, long-lasting results.

By skipping the harsh chemicals, you get vibrant color that leaves your hair stronger, helping it hold color better. You get to embrace the easiest look coming down the runways and keep your mane in tip-top shape… all with hair color that comes right to your doorstep!

According to medical advisor and board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Jan Hansen, “Common ingredients in hair dye can trigger allergies and/or irritation. Much of the hair dye made today is still based on formulas developed during the Industrial Revolution.”

To minimize your chance of allergic reactions, Madison Reed’s permanent color is free of PPD, ammonia, resorcinol, added parabens, and gluten. Learn more about allergic reactions and ingredients to watch out for.

Let’s Makeup

Lighten Up
Contouring was all the rage in 2015, but now we’re seeing looks that are lighter and brighter on the runways, which means you get to sport a luminous, healthy-looking complexion while staying on trend.

Makeup as Skincare
Modern makeup formulas, like flawless foundations infused with serum, wear like a second skin and create “barely there” looks that showcase your natural beauty. They’re chock-full of skin-loving ingredients that are a unique combination of lightweight and transparent to draw out your natural radiance, rather than cover up it up with heavy finishes.

Strobe Lights
Freshly layered tones on the cheeks and strobing gives you an ethereal look without hours of effort or leaving a cakey film all over your clothing or phone.

What’s strobing, you ask? For those of us (me!) who can’t seem to figure out contouring, strobing is all about adding light and then more light. As opposed to shading and blending, all you’re doing is adding reflection to the high planes and points of the face that catch and create spotlight areas.

Dab soft, shimmery shades to your cheekbones, brow bones, center of forehead, down the nose, and on your chin. BOOM, instant radiance! It’s an easy alternative to heavy formulas and your skin feels like it can breathe because it’s not covered by layers and layers of makeup.

Lip Service

Pout and About
Your complexion may be naturally radiant, but your lips will be amped up with vibrant color. Reds are classics that never go out of style, but bold colors like taupe, brown or matte wine shades are making a huge statement in 2016. This year is all about dark and moody lips, that pack in some attitude and make sure that you won’t be missed.

Go for It
Many women are reluctant to wear such dominant colors, assuming that you need mega-confidence to pull off such a look. Here’s a little secret, once you get past the mental block, rocking out a loud color will actually give you confidence. When you find the right shade, your whole face will light up. This beauty boost puts a little skip in your step and is a mini-makeover that helps give you the tenacity to go out there and conquer the world.

Do your eye makeup AFTER putting on lipstick, to make sure you’ve got a nice balance between bold lips and subtle-looking eyes. 

Locks To Love

The perennial favorite of every year is this can’t-live-without staple: dry shampoo. You may already know that it’s a serious lifesaver by soaking up dirt, oil, and extending the life of your blowout. It can also keep your hair healthier by preserving the natural oils that daily washing would strip away. Here are 3 great ways to use this multi-tasking marvel to make your hairstyle shine.

Security Detail
The low bun up-do has made a major comeback in 2016 (try our 5-minute variation called the low knot). Whether it’s sleek, extra loose, or involves a side braid, it’s a simple and very sophisticated look. But have you ever tried to pin an updo on clean hair? Yup, it slips all over. Spritz some dry shampoo onto your roots and then brush it out, it’ll give your hair texture to grip the bobby pins.

Hold Me
Boho loose waves and chic, slightly undone styles are the hottest look of the season. Instead of reaching for the hairspray, use dry shampoo to give a little bit of hold, without the stickiness (or intensity). Finish by rubbing one dab of Tame finishing treatment between your hands and smoothing lightly over your hair. This will set the style and control frizz so the focus stays on you.

Pre-Freshen Hair
Planning to hit the gym or sauteé a bushel of onions? Give your hair an all-over spray before you start. Odors and sweat will be absorbed as you work, helping the dry shampoo work even better. Afterwards, finish up with a final spray and you’re good to go!

Get great results based on your unique hair and style! Build your Hair Profile or call the Color Crew, our team of certified colorists and stylists, at 1.888.550.9586 for a free professional consultation. At Madison Reed, we love to help people look and feel their very best!

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