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Hair Trends Through History: Brigitte Bardot

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Creative Commons image via Juliana Dacoregio

From her winged black liner to her tousled locks, Brigitte Bardot was one of the best known actresses and models from the 1950s and 1960s, and a true style icon. Channel her signature look in a modern way for beachy fun with just a splash of kitsch!

In 1960, Brigitte Bardot premiered the hairstyle that has come to define her look—big bouffant waves. This style balances a teased, rounded bouffant at the crown of the head with more relaxed waves cascading down.

Creative Commons image via e r j k . a m e r j k a

It was a surprisingly versatile look that could be dressed up or down. Bardot maintained this style through much of that decade, making it more casual with a headband or pairing a messier, less-structured bouffant with looser waves.

You can embrace this style in a modern way by pairing this season’s trend of textured waves with a teased bouffant to create a casually cool ‘do with volume. Because this is such a strong look, the key is to avoid looking dated or overdone. We’ll show you a few simple tweaks to keep it fashion-forward!

Get the Look:
For a modern feel, separate a small, top section of hair towards the back of the head. Smooth in a dab of lightweight styling cream. Back comb your hair at the back of this section by combing down near the root two to three times. There’s no need to tease it aggressively—a few slow strokes is plenty to get the Bardot volume, and it will be much easier to brush out when it’s time for bed. Complete the look with a sweep of mascara, light blush, and a nude lip. 

Far out! Now you have an easy summer hairstyle that will make your beachy waves stand out from the crowd.

Creative Commons image via James Joel

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