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Hair and There: Inspiration from Thailand

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Explore the world and learn secrets for beautiful hair! This week, Madison Reed visits Thailand to learn hair care secrets, fashion-forward trends, and some fascinating facts.

Known as “the Kingdom of Siam,” Thailand is one of the friendliest countries to visit in the world. With its exotic backdrop of temples, forests, wildlife, sacred spaces, and gorgeous beaches, it’s a given this kingdom is a popular tourist destination. As if we needed more reasons to love this land, Thailand also boasts world-class food and spas. Splendid!

Hair and There: Inspiration from Thailand

Beauty Tip: Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is not just used to sauté veggies, it’s a staple in the beauty regimen of Thai women. The oil is used to clean off makeup, soften skin, and as a hair mask.

To use as a hair mask, spritz your hair with water until it’s damp, drizzle on a tablespoon full of coconut oil (starting on your ends), and work it into your strands. To apply the oil easily, just hold in your hand for about 10 seconds to melt with your natural body heat.

To moisturize your scalp, heat up a small tablespoon of oil and give yourself a nice head massage with it. A hydrated scalp is a healthy scalp with no dry, itchy flakes. This is one of the reasons that coconut is one of the healthy ingredients in Madison Reed’s rich, nourishing shampoo.

Hair Trend: Long and Strong
Thai women are blessed with naturally gorgeous hair in a variety of textures: straight, curly, or wavy. Because of this, they like wearing their hair long and natural to show off its strength. To get this look, follow our guide for keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

Thai hair trendImage source: Pinterest

Fun Facts

  • Thailand is the world’s biggest exporter of rice.
  • One-tenth of all animal species lives in Thailand.
  • Thailand set the record for the longest catwalk in 2010. The catwalk spanned 1,584 meters long and was part of Pattaya International Fashion Week.

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