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Hair and There: Singapore

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Explore the world and learn secrets for beautiful hair! This week, Madison Reed visits Singapore to bring you hair care secrets, fashion-forward trends, and fascinating facts.

With a melting pot of cultures, gorgeous warm weather all year-round, and a multitude of recreational activities to do over the course of a lifetime, Singapore is a country unlike any other. Its luxurious nature allows for a plethora of relaxation with an East-meets-West lifestyle. Luxurious dining, breathtaking views, and truly unique experiences (brunch at a jungle, anyone?) are part of the everyday landscape in Singapore.

Beauty Tip: Vitamin C

It’s a popular trend in Singapore for women to use all-natural products on their hair, skin and nails. Vitamin C in particular has made its way into the most widely-used beauty products, as an ingredient in skincare, and used in its most natural form in DIY beauty. Delicious fruits and veggies are a natural source, but not just as food—try smashing avocado, papaya, or even durian fruit with yogurt and create a face mask with it.

Hairstyle Tip: All blown out

Since Singapore is rich in humidity, a popular way for women to take extra care of their hair is to visit the salon for an extra de-humidifying touch-up. This means that blowdry and styling bars are on nearly every corner, ready to give her beautifully smoothed-out and voluptuous hair. These blowdry bars take approximately 30 minutes to get hair ready-to-go. Lunchtime blowout during work hours? Blowout before a night out? Blowout just because? Check, check and check.

Fun Facts About Singapore

  • You can find the national anthem in microtext on the back of the $1000 note.
  • Singapore has the fastest walkers on the planet.
  • More Singaporeans are born during the month of October than any other time of the year.

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