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Hair and There: Inspiration from the Philippines

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Creative Commons image via Lady May Pamintuan

In all of its tropical glory, The Philippines is home to the most unique wildlife, gorgeous pearls in multiple colors, and relaxing spas for unwinding after a long day of shopping -- yes, shopping is huge in Manila! Plus, it’s considered the friendliest country in Asia. And there’s still more to love about this country of over 7000 sun-drenched islands.


Beauty Tip: Aloe Vera Juice

That's right. Aloe vera is not just to treat sunburns--it can be used on the hair for length and shine. Women from the Philippines take their hair care very seriously. They massage the aloe vera juice into the scalp, let it sit for a few minutes, and rinse it off. The juice has anti-inflammatory properties, and can relieve many issues with dry scalp or dandruff.  Beautiful hair comes from the scalp, after all!


Hair Trend: Short and Sweet

Women from the Philippines are blessed with naturally strong, beautiful, black hair. But instead of letting it grow out, many women have been taking it in the other direction, and have been making the cut for a shorter, sophisticated look. Short hair works well with the humid weather, and makes thick hair easy to manage.


Fun Facts

  1. The Philippines has approximately 12,000 plant, 1,100 land, and 400 coral species (with more being discovered every day).
  2. Three of the ten largest shopping malls in the world can be found in the Philippines.
  3. The Philippines has won eight international beauty pageants: two for Miss Universe, five for Miss International; and one for Miss World.
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